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Giving more meals to those in need during coronavirus.

Whilst the nation has been stocking up on food during coronavirus, many people have been left with even less than before. Mummies, Daddies, Uncles, Aunties, Grannies and Grandpas. Little kiddies. All not knowing where their next meal is coming from.

Local food charities are experiencing greater demand than usual -- a scary thought considering over 5 million Australians ran out of food last year. And that's not right.

For every Roobee Roo book sold, we donate the equivalent of one meal. That's a great start, but we want to do more. That's why we're doubling our meal donations for all Bumper Pouches sold online. Now that's something to hop about!

children's book series, Roobee Roo, raising funds for food relief in Australia


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