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Limited Edition | Full Set of Botanics '23 | 4 Dolls = 20 Meals

Limited Edition | Full Set of Botanics '23 | 4 Dolls = 20 Meals

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Linen Dolls Give 5 Meals

Every heirloom linen doll sold at gives 5 meals.

Learn how we give.

Roobee Roo soft toys in the trees.

Limited Edition | Wave One Botanic Range FULL SET | 2023

ūüß°¬† 7¬†reasons why you'll love these dolls

  • This set of 4 dolls¬†provides 20 nutritious meals¬†for¬†Australian school programs and community support initiatives around the country. Learn¬†more.

  • They're¬†heirloom, so you can keep¬†them in the family.

  • They're¬†made from linen, so¬†they look and feel gorgeous.

  • They're¬†also made from felt, so you can put your own magic in Roobee Roo's pouch.

  • They're handmade, so you appreciate the imperfections.¬†Every Roobee Roo is unique.

  • They've¬†got their own cotton drawstring bags, so you can take travel-size Roobee Roos everywhere and spread sunshine wherever you go.

  • They're¬†15cm tall, so¬†they're the same height as the Roobee Roo books.

Some important things from the label

  • Not suitable for children under 3 years.¬†

  • Hand wash like a newborn joey in warm water.

  • Do not machine dry. It's too hot and Roobee Roo gets dizzy.

  • Designed in Ballarat, Australia.¬†

Roobee Roo dolls give 5 meals - Australian plants

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