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Under The Stars
Under The Stars
Under The Stars
Under The Stars
Under The Stars
Under The Stars
Under The Stars
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Under The Stars


Australian children's book series about camping with your family.

The only problem with making tents is that they never do what they're supposed to. Good thing Roobee Roo's pouch has room for all those camping goodies - how else would Mummy Roo and Daddy Roo be able to make a campfire to sing songs and melt yummy roo-mallows? Ooo, what a lot of stars there are. Let's see if we can count them. 1, 2, 3 ... zzzz ...

Roobee Roo under the stars
Preschool | 28pp | Board Book Series
Approx. 100 words.
Size: 150 x 150 x 15mm
Published by Goody Press, 2019.

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Customer Reviews

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There is something very special about Roobee Roo’s pouch. Could it be ... magic? Whilst Mummy Roo stores endless things in her pouch to use later on, Roobee Roo’s pouch seems to fill itself. Every morning Roobee wakes to find something new in her pouch. Just how it got there, nobody knows. All we do know is that Roobee’s pouch offers answers to life’s biggest question: What Will I Do Today?

Roobee is a loveable and curious little kangaroo who lives with her Mummy Roo and Daddy Roo under the shade of a big gum tree. With a pouch full of surprises, Roobee loves playing with her friends and family as she explores the exciting world around her. Every day is a new adventure waiting to be enjoyed.

Designed as a child’s introduction to the big wide world, the Roobee Roo stories cover a wide range of topics relevant to curious young minds. With clear, simple text shown in speech bubbles, and a familiar (but fresh) format, Roobee’s fun-filled adventures always end on a humorous positive note, usually with Mummy Roo and Daddy Roo close at paw.

Roobee Roo That's Me, introduces readers to Roobee's special pouch, a visual device that encapsulates a child's limitless potential. Depicted in bold lines and pastel colours inspired by the Victorian landscape, Roobee, by way of lift-the-flaps, shows readers some of her favourite things: story books, bush treasures, snacks. But no matter how hard she tries, Roobee can not fit her very favourite things in her pouch - Mummy Roo and Daddy Roo. It's a touching and humorous ending for the first book in this inspired, child-friendly series that offers a unique take on familiar topics for young audiences.

"The pouch is our way of saying, you can be anything you want to be, just get out there and give it a try. Every morning Roobee wakes to find her pouch filled with something new. She doesn't know how it got there, but she's keen to figure out what it is and how it's going to affect her day. For this first book, however, we wanted to show a more personal Roobee. She's using her pouch to store some of her favourite things, just like any Aussie child."  Noferin on Roobee Roo That's Me.

Roobee Roo What's That Sound is part aural recognition, part detective mystery. When Roobee discovers her Special Thing is no longer in her pouch, she embarks on a multi-sensory investigation around the house. With simple questions to engage young audiences to sound/visual associations, sharp eyes will notice secondary visual actions unfolding as Roobee goes from room to room chasing the owner of the mysterious "squeak".

Firmly set in the outback, with designer banksia and parrot plushies, Roobee Roo Under The Stars tells the quintessential Australian past-time of camping as a family. Old favourites (tent issues) and new (roo-mallows anyone?) are married in cute imagery, simple text and family togetherness. There's a strong nature theme in the series, but it's never forced. Instead Roobee Roo inspires a young generation to embrace the outdoors through her natural curiosity and zest for life. 

The cast of characters expands in Roobee Roo Concert Time, a bold, onomatopoeic picture book of delightfully cute Australian animals playing their instruments: Roobee Roo on trumpet, Poppy Possum on violin, Wally Wombat on clarinet, Quincy Quokka on drums and Kala Koala on piano. Simple text is clearly shown in speech bubbles, making it easy to distinguish the different sound-owners. 

Australian families will relate to the aquatic adventures of Roobee Roo Makes A Splash, an easy to read picture book showing various activities at the young roo's swimming lesson. Through simple, speech-bubbled text and brilliantly minimal graphics, Roobee Roo lines up patiently with her friends and completes all her tasks with gusto. Young readers will find the humorous ending most entertaining.