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Roobee Roo International
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Victoria, Australia 3350

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Licensing, merchandise and commercial

Roobee Roo®

Roobee Roo is a unique Australian children's property with global appeal. Created by wife-and-husband designers, Candy and Nico Robertson in 2018, the philosophy of Roobee Roo is based on respect for the world and celebrating the magic of childhood. 

What is a product license?

A product license allows you to use Roobee Roo’s Intellectual Property (IP), such as trademarks, images, films, or book characters in your products, publications, or campaigns. Roobee Roo retains ownership of the copyright, but you are granted the right to use the IP for a specified period of time and in a specified market.

Why license?

Licensing a well-known character and brand can help your product gain instant market recognition, which can lead to increased sales and profits. Your product can reach new target audiences and have a competitive edge over similar products on the market. Additionally, partnering with other licensees can open up new marketing channels.

What will it cost?

The license is royalty-based, which means you pay an agreed percentage of your sales income (as a royalty) to the licensor (Roobee Roo) for the right to use the trademark and/or characters/images. The amount payable will vary depending on the product group and area of use.
You will pay advance royalties in the form of a guarantee. You will report your sales figures every quarter and be invoiced for the excess.

What we require from a licensee?

First, you have to get us. There's no point licensing Roobee Roo if you don't respect the design philosophy and brand messages. To become a licensee, we'll ask you to submit a business plan that includes a wide distribution network and high-quality products that meet our brand's standards.

This doesn't mean you need to have mock-ups of all your planned Roobee Roo products ready now. We just need to see the type of products you intend to produce and how they sit in the market. Roobee Roo provides professional design advice and support to clients throughout the product approval process. We can also provide design services through our in-house team of designers.

All product and packaging designs will need to be approved by Roobee Roo before sampling and bulk production commences. All advertising material will need to be approved by Roobee Roo and accompanied by all copyright and trademark notices.

Interested in licensing Roobee Roo?

We are excited to work with a broad range of licensees across different markets throughout the world. For all queries, please email:


Roobee Roo International (licensing)
The Flecknoe Building
Ground Floor, 124 Albert Street,
Ballarat Central, VIC 3350


Goody Communication Pty Ltd (trading as Roobee Roo International) is the official body responsible for Roobee Roo IP and copyright supervision. We monitor the quality of all illustrations, products and advertisements that are produced. All designs must be approved before they are taken into production. 

© 2019-23 Candy and Nico Robertson.
Roobee Roo® is a registered trademark of Goody Communication Pty Ltd.
All rights reserved.