This is the story of two designers named Candy and Nico.

They met in a high school art class in Sydney's northern beaches, had a daughter some years later in Melbourne's southern beaches, then moved to regional Victoria, where there's no beach in sight.

Their mission is to inspire creativity and celebrate the magic of childhood.

So they gave Roobee Roo a magical pouch that fills up with new things every day and they've been finding wonder in it ever since.

How it started

We came up with the idea back in 2018. At the time, we were separated by long distance and feeling nostalgic. Nico was away for many weeks at a time, renovating the house we had raised our daughter in. It was the home where she had experienced her first day of school, first beach swim, first sore knee, first everything. Needless to say, it was a tough and emotional time.

Before leaving, Nico would hide a note for me to find about a curious kangaroo who loved going on adventures. These were inspired by the many adventures we had with our daughter, galumphing all over the Mornington Peninsula.

Alone and scared at our new house in Ballarat, I would illustrate these notes and send pictures back to Nico. The comics helped us feel connected during this long and difficult time of separation. They also helped us process the fact that our daughter was growing up and starting a new chapter of her life.

Modern Character Design by Roobee Roo for Kids' Rooms - Inspired by children's books

About the magical pouch

There's this magical time in early childhood when everything is new and amazing, and the whole world is waiting to be explored. It's this marvellous period when kids aren't afraid to make mistakes - they just want to be part of things and have fun. It's such a great mindset to have. No mistakes, only learning opportunities. But as our daughter grew up and spent more time at school, we noticed her becoming more cautious and less likely to try new things, for fear of getting it wrong.

Roobee Roo's magical pouch is a metaphor for the wonder that every new day brings. It's the energy and unrivalled enthusiasm our daughter had waking up and bouncing out of bed. The excitement of trying something new. Of experiencing things for the first time.

When Roobee Roo opens her pouch each morning, she's excited to discover not only what's inside, but also what fun activity those items will lead to. Will they be something at home? Outside? Alone? Or with friends and family?

The great thing about Roobee Roo is that even if she does know what some of the items are in her pouch, she never quite knows how they all fit into today's activity. So she's always excited! Every day is a milestone and something to be cherished.

About Roobee Roo

Every day is an adventure with Roobee Roo!

Roobee Roo is an adorable and curious little kangaroo with a magical pouch full of surprises. After waking up to find something new in her pouch each day, Roobee loves playing with her friends and family as she explores the exciting world around her.

Roobee Roo and friends

Like any 4 year old, Roobee Roo is a wriggly, giggly ball of fun. She might still be learning her inside hops from her outside hops, and what happens when you mix tomato sauce and watermelon, but she’s also teaching her friends a thing or two about embracing the new and trying your best. 

Designed as a child’s introduction to the big wide world, the Roobee Roo stories cover a wide range of topics relevant to curious young minds. With clear, simple text shown in speech bubbles, and a familiar (but fresh) format, Roobee’s fun-filled adventures always end with plenty of giggles.

Children love Roobee Roo’s simplistic stories because of their highly relatable topics. She is an uplifting, positive role-model for young audiences. Her stories are light, bright, fun and funny. They are heartwarming stories with plenty of nature-based exploration, creative activities, and a diverse animal community.