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Gum Blossom Wonder Pouch | Gives 3 Meals

Gum Blossom Wonder Pouch | Gives 3 Meals

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Sure, you might think this is bum bag with a nifty zip and an adjustable belt made especially for kids, but think again. This is an exclusive Wonder Pouch that lets you be just like Roobee Roo! Just open it up each and every morning ... okay, so it might not magically fill up with new things every day like Roobee Roo's pouch, but it CAN help you find magic in every day adventures. Plus you'll be parents of the coolest looking kids on the block!

Designed by two cool kids in Ballarat.

How Big?

Straps are adjustable:
27 inches / 68cm up to 36 inches / 92cm.

Can be worn around waist, or diagonally across chest.

Here's what can fit inside the pouch:
One Baby Roobee Roo linen doll or
one mobile phone (and keys and stuff).

The pouch itself is wide enough to hold a Roobee Roo book, but not tall enough to close the zip.

Pouches Give Meals

Each Wonder Pouch sold provides 3 nutritious meals for Australian school programs and community support initiatives around the country.

Learn more.

For Ages 3 Years +

Not suitable for children under 3 years. 


  • Hand wash like a newborn joey in warm water.

  • Do not machine dry. It's too hot and Roobee Roo gets dizzy.


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